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Taking care of your family in Tyler, TX is something that you focus on every day. The right insurance plans go a long way to financially protect your family from the effects of a catastrophe. So, while you focus on your career and family, those policies are hard at work. In East Texas, the knowledgeable agents at EasTex Insurance Associates Inc. offer a wide variety of policies including home, auto, commercial, life, umbrella, motorcycle, and renters. This lets clients get the coverage they need. Also, as an independent agency, we can work with many different insurance providers. This means that you get the best coverage available.

General information on policies is on our website. Use the home or auto policy rating tools. This lets you peruse information at your convenience. When you are ready for more specific information or to get a quote, call or come by our office in Tyler, TX. After getting to know a little about you and your needs, we will offer the best available options. We will take the time to explain any new or unfamiliar terms so that you understand exactly what you are getting. It’s a small investment of time for your family’s safety and peace of mind.

Insurance may not be something that you think of often but when you need, you need. If there is an accident and you are deemed liable, you can be responsible for hefty medical and legal fees. The time to think about insurance is before anything happens. That where our team of agents at EasTex Insurance Associates Inc. can help. Even if you are currently covered but haven’t reviewed the policies in a while, we can help ensure that you are adequately protected. Families grow and change over time so it’s important to periodically check that the right coverage is in place. So, as you care for your family, remember to think about your insurance needs, too. The team at EasTex Insurance Associates Inc. is ready to help!

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