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Texas Motorcycle Insurance Coverage

Motorcycle Insurance

Motorcycle Insurance

Some motorcyclists mistakenly believe they do not have to purchase comprehensive vehicle insurance. We would like you to know that this belief is far from the truth. In Texas, cyclists who use a vehicle permitted on public roads must have enough coverage to take care of damage caused by an accident.

The state refers to this basic, minimum insurance policy as mandatory liability coverage. Yet, we often find those wise motorcyclists, who want to avoid having to pay large out-of-pocket expenses, when the unplanned happens, purchase more coverage.

Mandatory Liability

In Texas, this basic liability insurance proves a cyclist can pay for damage done to themselves and others.

Bodily injuries and property damage are examples of what authorities expect these policies to cover. The state makes everyone purchase this coverage because, without insurance, many people would be unable to afford medical care, vehicle replacement and repair costs.

At EasTex Insurance Associates Inc. in Tyler, Texas, we help cyclists stay within the law. Speak with one of our specialists about exactly how much coverage you must have and then how much you should have beyond the mandatory minimum.

No Coverage

Cyclists caught without insurance can expect to face strict punishment. Some are fined. Others have their vehicles taken. Last, but certainly not least, many have their right to drive suspended.

We advise anyone who plans to take a cycle on the public roads to contact us as soon as possible.

Vehicles, such as golf carts, which are, in fact, not allowed on Texas roads, are exempt. However, mopeds, do fall under the required motorcycle insurance purview because they are driven on roadways.

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Do not delay. Accidents and thefts occur all the time. We recommend having adequate motorcycle insurance to take care of any negative events that could arise.

Cyclists must have a basic liability policy. EasTex Insurance Associates Inc. in Tyler, Texas can help you get started with this level of coverage. We also have more comprehensive policies that can suit your specific needs.

Contact us today to get fully insured, so you can enjoy the Texas roads with peace of mind.

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