What Should You Look For In Classic Car Insurance

If you are a lucky classic car owner, you should understand how to treat your precious vehicle the right way. For example, you should ensure the right coverage to protect it. Classic car insurance is the specific type of insurance designed for classic cars. Here is what you should look for in this type of insurance:

  • What is covered by classic car insurance? A standard classic car insurance policy usually provides bodily injury liability coverage, property damage liability coverage, uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage, collision coverage, and comprehensive coverage. Do you need extra protection to be super safe while driving your precious car? Get one of the optional coverages that can be added to your standard insurance. 
  • What is excluded from the policy? Your car insurance probably has certain limitations, which you should know. For instance, it probably does not cover your classic car if you use it for everyday commutes and regular errands. In addition, most classic car insurance policies have mileage limitations. 
  • The type of car you have. Keep in mind that not every car is considered classic. A classic vehicle is usually unique or rare and of special historical interest. It is also different from an antique car, which is defined as a vehicle that is at least 25 years old. 

If you are a classic car owner living in Tyler, TX, or any other nearby town in Texas and looking for classic car insurance, EasTex Insurance is here to help. We specialize in different types of insurance, including classic car insurance. Feel free to reach out to EasTex Insurance, and we will be glad to answer all of your questions and provide the information you need. 

What Really Is Umbrella Insurance?

Insurance policies can often raise questions, and one such policy is umbrella insurance. EasTex Insurance is committed to unraveling the mystery behind this key coverage for residents of the greater Tyler, TX, area.

What is Umbrella Insurance?

Umbrella insurance provides an additional layer of protection beyond the limits of your basic insurance policies. It offers additional liability coverage to secure you from significant financial losses if you’re involved in a lawsuit or claim.

The Coverage Extent of Umbrella Insurance

Umbrella insurance kicks in when the liability coverage of your standard policies is maxed out. For instance, if you’re deemed accountable for an accident and the damages exceed your auto insurance’s liability limits, your umbrella insurance steps in to cover the remaining costs up to its policy limits.

The Versatility of Coverage

Umbrella insurance does not limit itself to car accidents; it extends to various circumstances, including personal injury claims, property damage liabilities, and even lawsuits arising from incidents on your property.

Who Should Consider Umbrella Insurance?

While all individuals can benefit from the added shield that umbrella insurance offers, it’s particularly advantageous for people with considerable assets to guard or those with a higher risk of lawsuits, such as landlords, business owners, or high net-worth individuals.

Peace of Mind

One of the most significant advantages of umbrella insurance is the peace of mind it provides. Having that extra layer of financial protection in case of unforeseen incidents can alleviate stress and worry.

Umbrella insurance can be a valuable safeguard for residents of the greater Tyler, TX area, extending liability coverage beyond basic policies. If you’re exploring how umbrella insurance can protect your assets, contact EasTex Insurance today.

Auto insurance FAQs

At EasTex Insurance in Tyler, TX, our team understands auto insurance, and we ensure all our customers’ questions and concerns are answered. 

What is comprehensive coverage?

Comprehensive coverage is also known as non-collision coverage. It covers many things that can damage your vehicle, including a collision with another vehicle. It includes theft and vandalism. It protects your vehicle from damage due to floods, high winds, and hail. It also includes glass coverage. It does cover collisions with large animals like deer as well. 

Does my auto insurance cover someone else driving my vehicle?

Yes, your auto insurance is on your vehicle. It will cover other people who may be driving your vehicle. If you drive someone else’s vehicle, you are covered by their insurance.  

How much liability coverage do I need?

The amount of liability coverage that you need is a personal decision. It depends on what you have for assets you need to protect from legal judgments against you. Every state mandates the minimum amount you are required to have, and you can go much higher if that makes sense. 

If my car is damaged, will I get a rental car?

Rental car coverage is an additional coverage that you can add to your policy. It can be beneficial if you get into an accident and you cause the accident. If the other party caused the accident, their insurance should pay for your car rental. 

What is basic auto insurance?

Basic auto insurance is the minimum amount of coverage the state requires to drive legally. In Texas, this is 30/60/25, which protects other drivers and property from damage where you are responsible.

Give our office at EasTex Insurance in Tyler, TX, a call with all your auto insurance needs. 

Shop Smart, Insure Smarter: Tips for Purchasing the Right Umbrella Insurance Policy

EasTex Insurance is your go-to agency in Tyler, TX, committed to safeguarding your assets and ensuring peace of mind. Today, we’re shining a light on the often-overlooked umbrella insurance and offering tips to help you make an intelligent purchase decision. Living in the vibrant community of Tyler, unforeseen events can disrupt the tranquility of our lives. An umbrella policy, extending beyond your existing coverage, provides an extra layer of protection for your home, vehicles, and other valuable possessions. Here’s more information about choosing the right policy.

Here are vital tips for purchasing the right umbrella insurance policy:

  1. Asset Evaluation: Take stock of your home, vehicles, and valuables to determine your needed coverage amount. EasTex Insurance in Tyler, TX, can assist in assessing the value of what matters most to you and what you are trying to protect the most.

  2. Liability Risks: Consider potential risks such as car accidents or property incidents. As a general rule of thumb, the more liability risks you have, the more coverage you may need. An umbrella policy from EasTex Insurance provides additional liability coverage, protecting your finances in case of a lawsuit.

  3. Coverage Limits: Our team in Tyler, TX, will guide you through coverage limits, tailoring a policy to meet your unique needs. This helps to ensure you’re not exposed to unnecessary risks and are as protected as possible.

Now is the time to act and fortify your insurance portfolio. EasTex Insurance, proudly serving the greater Tyler, TX area, is here to guide you through the process. Call us today to learn more about purchasing the right umbrella insurance policy for your needs. Insure smarter with EasTex Insurance, where protection meets peace of mind.

How to Find Great Auto Insurance

Finding the perfect auto insurance company can sometimes be challenging. Not only are there many different agencies available, but each offers different rates, coverages, exclusions, and more. However, if you’re a Tyler, TX resident, you have insurance agencies like EasTex Insurance available that can make choosing easy. Here are some tips for finding the best auto insurance:

Determine Your Needs

Not all insurance companies are the same, so you need to determine your needs before you can start looking. Do you need something beyond typical auto insurance? Classic car insurance? Insurance after a DWI? If any of these circumstances apply to you, seek out a company that can meet your needs. 

Don’t Settle for the First Choice

While it might be easy to settle for the first choice you come across, the first choice might not necessarily be the cheapest or offer the coverage you’re seeking. Take the time to perform a bit of research so that you can find the best choice. 

Check Ratings

It’s possible to check the ratings of prospective insurance companies by going online and researching that particular company. Be sure the ratings are on Google or some other public site, which increases their chances of being authentic because there are, unfortunately, fake ratings out there. 

So, if you reside in Tyler, TX, or the surrounding area, and you’re struggling to find a new auto insurance agency, you should contact us at EasTex Insurance for more information. One of our licensed agents will be happy to provide you with a quote and answer any questions you may have. We consider ourselves to be excellent at providing customer service as well as offering affordable rates, so give us a call today for a quote. 

Do You Need to Change Your Beneficiaries?

You caught your spouse in a passionate embrace with your brother. Your son lost a fortune betting on the ponies. Your daughter eloped with a guy named Snakes. Your sister’s chili tasted like bitter almonds. Your parents made the mistake of eating that chili. If any of that happens, it’s time to change the beneficiaries on your life insurance! But how? 

When to Change the Beneficiary 

It isn’t just the catastrophes mentioned above that might prompt you to change the beneficiaries on your life insurance. A new marriage means a new person to acquire life insurance. If this new marriage comes with stepchildren, or you have your own or adopt, they can also be listed as beneficiaries. Once a minor beneficiary turns 18, some changes might have to be made. If you move out of state or country, you may have to make a few changes to your life insurance to suit local laws. In any case, you must keep all the info regarding your beneficiaries updated to make sure that benefits are paid according to your wishes. 

How to Do It 

It’s pretty easy. All you have to do is call your agent and tell them you want to change the beneficiary. You can do this at any time. Your agent will walk you through the form you need to fill out. It may be done online. Remember that if you name a minor as a beneficiary, you will have to call an adult to handle it for them. 

Life Insurance from EasTex Insurance Serving Tyler, TX

If you need life insurance and live in the Tyler, TX area, call EasTex Insurance today. Our friendly and knowledgeable agents will help you get what you want. 

What is Covered by Home Insurance?

Our agents at EasTex Insurance, serving the residents of the Tyler, TX, area, are touting the importance of home insurance, whether you still owe money for your home or not.

Home insurance, also known as homeowners insurance, is a great safety net if a tragic incident occurs. It will protect one of your most significant investments: your home. Home insurance will cover your property and possessions in the event of unexpected events or disasters covered under your specific policy.

Home Insurance Coverage Options in Texas

Most normal home insurance policies will cover the following:

  • Dwelling Coverage: This part of your policy covers the structure of your home, including the walls, roof, floors, and even built-in appliances and bookcases, if they are damaged by something like fire, windstorms, vandalism, and more. Dwelling coverage means you can rebuild or repair the home you love if damaged or destroyed.
  • Personal Property Coverage: Most home insurance policies also protect your belongings, such as furniture, clothing, electronics, and appliances, if they are damaged, stolen, or destroyed in some incident, as stated above. This coverage extends beyond your home, often covering items lost or damaged even while you are traveling.
  • Liability Coverage: This type of coverage is essential, especially if someone falls and is injured at your home or you accidentally damage someone else’s property. This type of coverage can help you cover legal fees and medical expenses.
  • Additional Structures: Most of the time, other structures on your property, such as garages, sheds, or fences, are covered under your home insurance policy.
  • Loss of Use Coverage: If you and your family have to live at another location while your home is repaired or rebuilt, this coverage will help your living expenses while you are displaced from your house.

Contact EasTex Insurance in Tyler, TX

To get your home insurance policy started, contact our agents at EasTex Insurance, serving the residents of the Tyler, TX, area today!

Buying a Classic Car? Three Things to Consider When You’re Choosing an Insurance Policy

If you own a classic car, you want to be sure your pride and joy is protected, and an essential part of that is ensuring that you have the right insurance policy for your needs. At EasTex Insurance, serving Tyler, TX, we’re proud to provide our customers with a full range of insurance options for classic vehicles. 

Consider what you need to know about choosing an insurance policy for your classic car. 

What Does Classic Car Insurance Cover?

Classic car insurance covers many of the same benefits as a standard car insurance policy. For most classic car insurers, a car can fall into the classic category when it’s at least ten years old. A classic car insurance policy typically covers bodily injury and property damage when you’re occasionally driving your car, taking your car to and from auto shows, and driving to and from collector vehicle events. 

General Classic Car Requirements

While all policies differ, many have similar requirements for a vehicle to be eligible for classic car status: 

  • Storage: Some classic car insurance policies require that you have a safe space (like a garage or barn) to store your classic vehicle. 
  • Eligibility: Some insurers require a clean driving record to purchase classic car insurance. 
  • Usage: You can’t insure a car with a classic car policy if it’s a car you drive regularly. You may need to show proof that you own another car for daily use before you’re permitted to purchase a classic car insurance policy. 

Reach Out to EasTex Insurance, Serving Tyler, TX, Today

If you’re in the market for classic car insurance, we’re here to help! Contact EasTex Insurance, serving Tyler, TX, today for a classic car insurance quote.

Umbrella Insurance: Bridging the Gaps in Coverage

Insurance is a necessary safety net for most people in Tyler, TX. However, EasTex Insurance has found that many people misunderstand the limitations of their coverage and are unaware of the gaps in their policies. This is where umbrella insurance comes in.

Primary policies, such as auto or homeowner’s insurance, cover the risks associated with the insured asset, such as car accidents or home damage. These policies have a limit or “maximum payout,” the maximum amount the policy will pay for a claim. The policyholder is responsible for the remaining costs if the damages exceed the policy’s limit. 

On the other hand, Umbrella insurance is designed to provide additional liability coverage on top of primary policies. It provides more comprehensive protection, covering most situations not covered by prior policies. Umbrella insurance also covers more significant claims and provides higher limits than primary policies. In short, umbrella insurance is an additional layer of coverage that can save you from financial disaster in case of a lawsuit or other catastrophic loss.

Another essential aspect of umbrella insurance is that it can cover legal expenses, such as attorney fees, court costs, and settlements. These costs can add up quickly if litigation lasts months or years. With umbrella insurance, you can rest assured that you’ll have the resources to defend yourself in court and fight against a potentially devastating loss.

When deciding whether to purchase umbrella insurance, it’s essential to consider your personal risk factors, such as your assets, occupation, and hobbies. For example, if you own rental property or have a high net worth, you may be at higher risk for lawsuits than the average person. EasTex Insurance proudly serves the Tyler, TX area. Contact us today to get the financial protection you need.

Three Signs Your Brakes Need Work

Making great insurance choices is just one of the ways you can keep yourself safe out on the road. Good vehicle maintenance is another essential part of vehicle safety. At EasTex Insurance, serving Tyler, TX, and the surrounding areas, we want to help keep you safe while driving. This quick guide will explain how to tell if your brakes need work. Keep reading to learn more. 


Usually, one of the first signs that your brakes need to be serviced is that you will hear squeaking when braking. This squeaking is caused by the brake pad material wearing away. When this happens, metal will start touching metal on other brake components. This causes friction and noise. This is always a sure sign that your brakes need work. If you hear squeaking, have your brakes services immediately to stay safe. 

Slow Braking

Another sure sign that brakes need attention is slow braking. If you notice that you need to apply more and more pressure to get your brakes to slow your vehicle, you should get brake service ASAP. This is a very unsafe situation as it cuts down your reaction time. If you are in a driving situation where you need to brake suddenly to avoid hitting a vehicle, animal, or even a person, your faulty brakes may not be able to handle the job. This puts you and others in great danger. Always seek a mechanic and have brakes serviced quickly if you notice slow braking. 

Brakes Warning Light 

Many newer vehicles have a brake warning light on the dashboard. If this light is signaling that you need brake service, heed the warning. This is an excellent early warning system. 

If you would like to learn more about vehicle insurance, please get in touch with us at EasTex Insurance serving Tyler, TX, and the surrounding areas.