Why Buy Classic Car Insurance?

What kind of insurance is best to buy for an older car? Most agents would answer this question with classic car insurance. This type of insurance financially covers your collectible vehicle in the event of property damage, theft, or collision loss. While a classic car might bring you more personal happiness with its nostalgic value, it will still be more prone to on-road breakdowns, collisions, or thefts. At EasTex Insurance, we’re discussing your options for this form of auto insurance.

How is Classic Auto Insurance Different?

Auto insurance is a broad field encompassing different types of auto insurance, including liability for personal injuries from an accident. Situations like roadside assistance might also be covered under auto insurance. One specialized field is classic car insurance, which focuses on the specific needs of the car owner. This could include preventing depreciation by insuring the car’s value, otherwise known as recoverable depreciation. This plan might also cover expensive maintenance fees common for classic vehicles. These additional policies will make all the difference in a comprehensive insurance plan. 

Classic auto insurance will depend on several factors, including the model, the age, and the car’s condition. Before signing up for an insurance plan with an agent, be sure to look into all the policy clauses that would apply to your situation. 

Purchase Classic Car Insurance in Tyler, TX

Ready for an auto insurance plan that covers your collectible vehicle needs? Then it’s time to contact the Eas Tex Insurance Agency in Tyler, TX. You can call our staff at 903-581-8888 to schedule an appointment with our team. From there, we’ll discuss your options. 

What You Need to Know to Stay Safe on the Roads in Northeast Texas

The roads in Northeast Texas can be dangerous and intimidating. Whether you are a new or experienced driver, there are always some important safety measures to consider. Here is an overview from EasTex Insurance of what you need to know to stay safe on the roads in the Tyler, TX region.

Observing Road Laws

Driving safely on the roads of Northeast Texas requires a good knowledge of traffic laws and regulations. Also, watch out for deer. In Texas, drivers must observe speed limits, keep right, never cut off trucks, and move over or slow down for emergency vehicles and flashing lights. Drivers should also give themselves time to rest and take breaks regularly.

Most Dangerous Roads

Drivers in and around Dallas need to be aware of the most dangerous roads in the city. Interstate 20 and Interstate 35 East and West have been ranked among the deadliest highways in the country. Similarly, Interstate 45, which connects Dallas with Houston, has had its fair share of fatal car accidents.

Use Safety Measures

Drivers should follow certain safety rules to stay safe during a car ride. They should always wear their seatbelts, observe speed limits, keep a safe distance from vehicles, and never use mobile phones while driving. It is also essential to remain alert and patient on the roads and to avoid engaging in road rage.

Bad Weather Caution

Finally, winter driving poses additional challenges, so drivers should be careful while driving in adverse weather conditions. Some necessary precautions that should be taken include avoiding hard braking and acceleration, leaving extra space between vehicles, and increasing one’s following distance.

EasTex Insurance is the perfect choice for auto insurance. We offer competitive rates and excellent customer service so you can be sure you’re getting the coverage you need. If you’re looking for auto insurance in Tyler, TX, come to EasTex Insurance and let us help you today!

Should I always get an umbrella insurance plan in Texas?

Liability risk is something that all people in the Tyler, TX area should take seriously and protect against as well as they can. One way anyone can offset and protect this risk is by getting an umbrella insurance plan, which offers broad support for policyholders. There are various reasons that you should always have this type of coverage in place when you live here. 

Receive Support for Large Claims

Most people in this area of Texas will have some liability coverage through home and auto insurance plans. However, these policies have limits, and major claims that come with bad accidents may not be covered all the way. In these situations, umbrella coverage is quite helpful as it offers additional support for your existing policies. 

Protect Against Unforeseen Situations

Another critical reason to have an umbrella insurance plan is to ensure you can protect yourself against unforeseen situations and risks. While some liability risks can be mitigated with home, auto, or other forms of insurance, others are harder to predict. When you want to improve your total personal liability risk mitigation efforts, umbrella insurance is an excellent way to do it. This broad coverage can offer blanket coverage against many more potential risks. 

An umbrella insurance plan is important for anyone in the Tyler, TX area. If you are shopping for any insurance here, it would be helpful to call the team with EasTex Insurance. There are always a lot of important choices to make when you are looking for this coverage, and EasTex Insurance will help you evaluate your insurance options and build a plan that will meet your needs and reduce your liability risks. 

What to Do if You’re in a Texas Car Accident

No one ever wants to be in a car accident. But unfortunately, accidents happen. If you’re involved in a car accident in Tyler, TX, there are four steps you need to take to ensure everyone’s safety and to protect your interests.

1. Check for Injuries

The first thing you need to do after a car accident is to check for injuries. This includes checking on the occupants of your vehicle and any pedestrians who may have been involved in the accident. If anyone is injured, call 911 immediately and wait for medical assistance to arrive.

2. Move to a Safe Location

Once you’ve ensured that everyone is safe and accounted for, the next step is to move your vehicle (if possible) to a safe location off the road. This will help prevent further accidents and make it easier for emergency vehicles to get through if needed.

3. Call the Police

Even if there aren’t any injuries, you should still call the police and file a report. The police will investigate the accident and create an official record of what happened. This can be helpful later on if there are any disputes about who was at fault for the accident.

4. Contact Your Insurance Agent

After you’ve taken care of everything else, the last step is to contact your insurance agent. Your EasTex Insurance agent will help you file a claim and work with you to ensure you have the coverage you need to repair or replace your vehicle.

These four steps after a car accident will help ensure everyone’s safety and protect your interests. And don’t forget, it’s always a good idea to contact your EasTex Insurance agent after an accident to ensure you have the most protection for your vehicle. We’re here to help!

When is the best time to buy life insurance?

If the truth be told, there isn’t a bad time to buy life insurance. But, some times are more obviously good than others. At EasTex Insurance in Tyler, TX, we will review your life insurance coverage and help you to determine if you have the right coverage for your needs. As independent insurance agents, we can offer more choices and better value. 

When you change jobs

Chances are, you get life insurance as a part of your benefits package at work. While that is a great perk, it is not necessarily adequate for your life insurance needs. When you change your job, you need to determine if you will be able to take your life insurance with you to your new job. Even if you can, it may not be the best value for your money. It is the perfect opportunity to look at what you have and determine if it is enough. 

When you get married

When you get married, you will probably be contacting your insurance carrier to make a change in beneficiary on your life insurance. This is the perfect time to discuss whether your coverage meets your current needs. If you have purchased a home, this does change your needs considerably. 

When you have children

Children change everything. They are a long-term commitment and require a much larger amount of life insurance to make sure that they are taken care of if you are no longer there to provide for them. Determining how much the correct amount is can be difficult. It would be best if you considered your income, the age of the children, and how many years that support must last. This is different for each person. 

Contact EasTex Insurance in Tyler, TX to get your life insurance reviewed and answer any questions you may have. 

Reasons why you may need more liability insurance on your home

Liability insurance is the coverage that protects your future. It protects you from legal action that may be taken against you for an injury at your home or done by a member of your family, even a man’s best friend. At EasTex Insurance in Tyler, TX, we have been bringing our insurance expertise to the residents of Eastern Texas for more than 40 years. As independent insurance agents, we can bring more choices and personalized service to our customers. 

You have a dog

Dogs may be man’s best friend, but they are also a liability. Some dogs are so dangerous that your home insurance won’t cover them. If your dog bites someone or decides to dig up their prize roses, you may need to have extra liability coverage to pay for the damages. 

You have a trampoline.

Trampolines are very popular and can entertain kids for hours. They can also result in serious injuries. Ensure you have all the safety features in place and keep a close eye on the kids when they have friends to use it. 

You have a swimming pool.

Swimming pools are a great addition to your home, but they bring considerable risk. Make sure that you are following all the fencing requirements in your community. You are liable for any injuries, even if the person injured is trespassing on your property. 

You entertain a lot

The more people you have at your home, the more vulnerable you are to being sued. Ensure you maintain your exterior decks and have handrails to discourage falls. Nobody likes to think their friends or neighbors will sue them, but unfortunately, they will. 

Contact EasTex Insurance in Tyler, TX to discuss your home insurance liability needs and answer any questions you may have. 

How To Choose the Right Classic Car Insurance Policy

If you’re like most people, you dream of owning a classic car. There’s just something about those beautiful machines from a bygone era that captures the imagination and stirs the soul. And when you finally take possession of your dream car, you want to ensure it’s adequately insured. But what kind of insurance is right for a classic car? That’s why it’s important to work with an experienced insurance agent who understands the unique needs of classic car owners. The agents at EasTex Insurance in Tyler, TX are experts in this field and will highlight a few key points to consider when choosing a policy.

Value of Your Classic Car

It’s important to have an accurate appraisal of your vehicle’s worth to ensure you’re carrying enough coverage. The value of a classic car can fluctuate, and you don’t want to be caught underinsured.

Coverage for Spare Parts

Your classic car is more than just a vehicle; it’s a work of art. And like any fine art, it requires special care and attention. That’s why you must ensure your policy covers spare parts if something needs to be repaired or replaced.

Agreed Value vs. Stated Value

There’s a big difference between an agreed value policy and a stated value policy. An agreed value policy means that in the event of a total loss, you will receive the full amount of coverage regardless of the actual cash value of your vehicle at the time of the loss. A stated value policy means you will receive a payout based on the current market value of your car. Make sure you understand the difference before choosing a policy.

EasTex Insurance in Tyler, TX has been helping classic car owners find the right insurance for their needs for years. We know what it takes to insure a classic car properly and can help you find the right policy. Give us a call today to learn more.

How Commercial Umbrella Insurance Can Help With Professional Liability

If you run a professional practice in Tyler, TX, you may already have a professional liability cover. While this covers you for most eventualities, the reality is that it may not always be enough. While professional liability coverage can adequately cover most claims, there can be moments in your practice when claims can exceed your professional liability. When this happens, you could plunge into a financial crisis as you may have to pay the difference out of pocket. This can lead to severe losses for your practice and, in some cases, even bankruptcy. 

If you are a practitioner such as a physician, software consultant, accountant, or stockbroker, you need not worry about excess professional liability. The good news is that commercial umbrella insurance will protect you from such an eventuality. 

How Commercial Umbrella Insurance Can Protect Your Business

Commercial umbrella insurance kicks in at the limit of your professional liability cover. It picks up the excess if a claim is more than your liability coverage. This protects your personal finances and also the financial health of your practice. However, you will need to find the right commercial umbrella insurance cover depending on the type of practice you run and your unique professional liability risks.

Get Top-notch Commercial Umbrella Insurance From EasTex Insurance Associates Inc.

Umbrella insurance coverage differs across various insurance companies. To find the right commercial umbrella insurance for your business, come to EasTex Insurance Associates Inc. We are an insurance agency that serves clients in Tyler, TX, and its surrounding area. Our friendly and professional insurance experts will match you with the right commercial insurance provider. This ensures that you effectively manage any professional liability risks. Additionally, it gives you complete peace of mind that your business is safe in case of any eventuality regarding professional liability. Get in touch with us today for more information about commercial umbrella insurance for your business.

What Are the Dangers of Driving in Hot Weather?

Summer is upon us, and with it comes the oppressive heat and humidity all citizens of Tyler, TX know so well. Driving in this season is a challenge. You feel like you’re driving around in a sauna, but your car is also facing down hazards that are more prevalent and more dangerous.

Before packing up for your summer road trip, EasTex Insurance has some tips to help you stay safe and protect your vehicle.

1. Stay Hydrated!

It’s easy to get dehydrated when you’re driving in the heat, and when you’re dehydrated, your ability to drive safely is compromised. Dehydration can cause fatigue, headaches, and slow reflexes.

Take plenty of water along with you on your trip. Make sure you have an emergency supply of drinking water in your vehicle. Every passenger should at least have one gallon of emergency drinking water.

2. Keep An Eye On Your Fluids!

The big one is coolant. Without enough coolant, your engine will overheat, leading to engine failure. This can leave you stranded on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere. For hours. With no A/C.

Before hitting the road, it’s good to check your other fluids, such as oil, transmission fluid, power steering fluid, windshield washer fluid, and brake fluid.

3. Watch Your Temperature!

Ideally, your temperature gauge should remain at the centerline. If your temperature gauge is in the red, it’s time to pull over and stop the car. After waiting for 20 minutes, restart the vehicle.

If the temperature warning light is on, drive to the nearest service station and have the car checked. NEVER continue to drive when the temperature gauge is in the red.

EasTex Insurance in Tyler, TX is here for you no matter what the weather is like. If you need to discuss your auto insurance, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Choosing a Life Insurance Policy in Tyler, TX

When choosing a life insurance policy in Tyler, TX, there are many things to consider. What type of policy is best for you and your family? How much coverage do you need? What are the premiums going to be? These are all critical questions that need to be answered before deciding. Here are a few things to think about when choosing a life insurance policy.

What Are Your Needs?

The first thing to consider is what your needs are. Do you need life insurance for a specific purpose? Maybe you want to make sure your family is taken care of financially if you pass away. Maybe you need it for a business purpose. Whatever the reason, knowing why you need life insurance will help you choose the right policy. A representative from EasTex Insurance can help you determine your needs and what type of policy would be best for you.

What Are the Different Policies Available?

There are two main types of life insurance policies: term life insurance and whole life insurance.

Term life insurance

These policies are enforced for a specific period, usually 10-30 years. Term life insurance is the cheaper option and ideal for people who need life insurance for a particular purpose, like covering a mortgage or providing for a family during a child’s college education.

Whole life insurance

This type of policy doesn’t have a set timeframe and will last as long as you continue to pay the premiums. Whole life insurance policies also have a cash value component, which can be borrowed against or used to pay premiums if needed. This type of policy is more expensive but can be a good option for people who want peace of mind knowing they and their families are taken care of financially, no matter what.

 EasTex Insurance can help you determine what type of policy is best for you and your family. Call us today to get started.