Auto insurance FAQs

At EasTex Insurance in Tyler, TX, our team understands auto insurance, and we ensure all our customers’ questions and concerns are answered. 

What is comprehensive coverage?

Comprehensive coverage is also known as non-collision coverage. It covers many things that can damage your vehicle, including a collision with another vehicle. It includes theft and vandalism. It protects your vehicle from damage due to floods, high winds, and hail. It also includes glass coverage. It does cover collisions with large animals like deer as well. 

Does my auto insurance cover someone else driving my vehicle?

Yes, your auto insurance is on your vehicle. It will cover other people who may be driving your vehicle. If you drive someone else’s vehicle, you are covered by their insurance.  

How much liability coverage do I need?

The amount of liability coverage that you need is a personal decision. It depends on what you have for assets you need to protect from legal judgments against you. Every state mandates the minimum amount you are required to have, and you can go much higher if that makes sense. 

If my car is damaged, will I get a rental car?

Rental car coverage is an additional coverage that you can add to your policy. It can be beneficial if you get into an accident and you cause the accident. If the other party caused the accident, their insurance should pay for your car rental. 

What is basic auto insurance?

Basic auto insurance is the minimum amount of coverage the state requires to drive legally. In Texas, this is 30/60/25, which protects other drivers and property from damage where you are responsible.

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