Fast Facts about Texas Classic Cars

Everything’s bigger in Texas — and when it comes to classic cars, that includes the motor, details, and a vast appreciation for these great vehicles. And while Texas may love its classic cars, losing one of these great autos can be devastating. Don’t risk it; find the right insurance plan with EasTex Insurance serving Tyler, TX. Based on definitions from the state of Texas, here are some things you need to know.

Street Rods

In a slightly confusing description, street rods are cars manufactured before 1949. Alternatively, a car manufactured after 1948 that also "looks like a vehicle manufactured before 1949" can fall under this classification.

Custom Vehicle

Custom vehicles are typically those at least 25 years old but not older than 1949. If a car is built outside of these specs, it must look like a typical model older than 25 years but younger than 1948.

Classic Vehicles

A "Classic" car typically refers to any of the above vehicles over 25 years old. These vehicles must pass a safety inspection from the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles (TXDMV).

Antique Vehicles

Antique vehicles may fall in the same age frame as any of the terms above but are exempt from safety inspections. To verify if your specific vehicle meets the requirements, check with the TXDMV. 

Your vehicle type also indicates your different types of insurance needs. For example, you probably won’t be taking a road trip with your antique vehicle, so liability concerns may not match those of your cruise-worthy Shelby Mustang. Instead, you might maximize theft or damage coverage.

EasTex Insurance, serving Tyler, TX, knows classic cars and your needed coverage.