Should I get an auto insurance plan in Texas?

People that are in the Tyler, TX area will always want to have access to a vehicle as it will make it a lot easier for you to get around the community. As you are looking for a new vehicle in this area of the state, picking an insurance plan is equally important. There are a few reasons that you should get an auto insurance plan here.

Texas Requires Liability Coverage

A reason that you should have an auto insurance plan when in this state is because it is a state law requirement. Those that want to drive a car in Texas need to abide by state laws surrounding liability insurance. If you do not have the coverage in place, you could face various penalties. This includes having to pay fines or even losing your right to drive for a period of time. 

Lender Requirements

Drivers also need to consider their lender’s insurance requirements. If you are going to take out a loan when buying a car, it is important that you understand your insurance needs. Most auto loan providers will want to know their collateral is covered and will require you to get a collision and comprehensive plan. This will ensure you are protected against many scenarios that could result in a loss. 

Picking an auto insurance plan in the Tyler, TX area is a big decision and comes with many choices that need to be made. As you are evaluating your options, calling EasTex Insurance would be beneficial. Those that are going to speak with EasTex Insurance will receive the support that is needed to fully evaluate their options and choose a new plan. This will ensure you and your vehicle are properly covered and in compliance with all requirements. 

5 Benefits of Life Insurance

When you purchase life insurance from EasTex Insurance of Tyler, TX, the obvious advantage is that your dependents get financial protection when you pass away. If your loved ones depend on your income when you are alive, benefits from life insurance can help cover expenses like mortgage, school fees, and other financial liabilities in your absence. As you can see, life insurance protects your dependents, but is that the only reason you should buy life insurance? The answer is no. Here are additional benefits of investing in life insurance.

Life insurance takes care of your debts.

Do you have a mortgage? Or perhaps you have a credit card or student loan? If you don’t want to bother your cosigners and loved ones with financial liabilities when you die, invest in life insurance.

Gives inner peace

You purchase home or auto insurance to protect your assets and keep your worries in check even when disaster strikes. The same is true with life insurance. While the thought of your death might be worrying, you can have peace of mind knowing that the financial needs of those you leave behind will be taken care of by life insurance.

To cover funeral expenses.

Your loved ones are going through a tough time mourning your death. It would be devastating to worry them with funeral costs that can cost upwards of $7,500, depending on your final wishes. Thankfully, life insurance can take care of your final expenses, leaving your dear ones to mourn in peace.

Life happens

Life is fickle. You are alive now, and the next minute you are gone. Accidents and certain ailments (like a heart attack) can cause sudden deaths, leaving your dependents in a financial mess. Because life is unpredictable, purchasing life insurance can cushion your family when you die suddenly.

You have a business

Life insurance protects your business partner and employees when you die by helping them buy time as they think of the next move.

Buy life insurance today in Tyler, TX.

Are you shopping for life insurance? Please contact EasTex Insurance today. Whether you are old or young, it’s never too late to purchase a life insurance plan. 

How Homeowner’s Insurance Protects You

Homeowners insurance provides financial protection for your home and all personal belongings inside. However, if you currently have this insurance policy for your home in Tyler, TX, you may begin to wonder if it is enough? You may also wonder more specifically what it is protecting you from. While the professionals at EasTex Insurance can help answer these questions and others, additional information can be found below, as well.

Homeowner’s Insurance Defined

Homeowners insurance is a group of protections that help replace or repair your home, outbuildings, and belongings if they are damaged or lost because of theft or fire. It can also cover costs incurred due to accidental damage to someone else’s property or if someone visiting your home is injured.

The Cost of Homeowner’s Insurance

The cost of insurance depends on several factors, including your home features, the cost of your personal belongings, and selected coverages. You may also incur additional fees for extra coverage or increased limits. A professional insurance agent can help you find the right coverages that fit your needs or determine if you can receive any policy discounts.

Coverage Provided by Homeowner’s Insurance

Homeowner’s insurance will usually cover things like your home, other structures on the property, your personal property, and liability for damage or injuries to someone else’s property. It may also be possible for you to purchase more coverage if needed for additional protection.

Regardless of if you need to purchase home insurance for the first time or replace your existing policy for your Tyler, TX home, EasTex Insurance professionals can help. We can help review your home’s specifics and what level and amount of home insurance you need. The professionals will also help compare policies to find the most value for the right price.


Exploring The Different Types Of Classic Car Insurance

EasTex Insurance serves the Tyler, TX community, as well as the surrounding areas. We help our clients find the coverage they need to protect themselves in the event of a catastrophe. We offer custom policies designed to meet the individual needs of our clients. We proudly assist the community as an independent insurance agency.

The Different Types Of Classic Car Insurance

Owning a classic car is a significant investment. A classic car is one of your most prized possessions. To earn classification, your vehicle should be at least 20 years old. Most importantly, you should only drive the car on special occasions. Normally, that means showing off your car at special car shows and conventions in Texas. To protect your asset, consider the benefits of classic car insurance.

Classic car insurance helps you maintain the value of your car. You are covered if your vehicle is stolen or vandalized. You are also covered if you are involved in a collision. Liability coverage protects your vehicle if you are ruled to be at fault for the collision. Here is a look at some different types of car insurance.

You can opt for antique coverage. For your vehicle to earn antique classification, it has to be over 30 years old and working in its original condition. If you add new parts to the vehicle, you’ll have to amend your policy to protect those items if they are damaged or stolen.

Similarly, you can opt for modified coverage that specifically protects any upgrades to your vehicle’s body and engine. It may be a good idea to have your vehicle appraised once you install these new parts. That way, you will have a clear idea of how valuable your classic car is currently.

EasTex Insurance Will Help You Protect Your Investment

Contact our office in Tyler, TX today to learn more information about classic car insurance.  

Do business owners need umbrella insurance?

Business owners have so many things to worry about, which forces them to buy several insurance policies to protect their hard-earned investments. Every business, big or small, may require some good amount of general liability, workers’ compensation, professional liability, and many other commercial insurance policies. But there is one critical policy many forget—umbrella insurance. If you are looking to add some extra liability coverage to your business in Tyler, TX, here is how you will benefit.

Umbrella insurance is extra coverage.

If your business involves having clients walking in and out of the building, you may want to consider having extra liability coverage if things go wrong. For instance, if you run a bar and restaurant, it’s common for customers to drink, cause chaos, or behave inappropriately, which could lead to property damage, injuries, lawsuits, and other losses. Additionally, the chances are that your professional liability or general liability may not be adequate to cover all your liability needs, and that’s where you will need umbrella insurance. Remember that umbrella insurance is not self-sufficient, and you may need to use your primary policies, and the umbrella only comes in when they are inadequate.

Liability goes beyond what basic coverages offer.

Lawsuits can be pretty messy and expensive. Whether you are starting a small or large business, a commercial umbrella helps you stay stable even after lawsuits. It offers you the peace of mind you need to run your business and focus on the most important aspects. At EasTex Insurance, we recommend speaking to your insurance agent before making any purchase to help you focus on the right premiums for your business.

Big businesses will benefit from the additional liability coverage.

The bigger the business, the bigger the risks and the higher the lawsuit payments. Big business owners need additional liability coverages to ensure that their business stability is not threatened.  Umbrella insurance is also far less expensive than stretching premiums.

Contact EasTex Insurance in Tyler, TX to help you secure an umbrella insurance policy for your business today!

Important Variables To Consider While Researching Auto Insurance

EasTex Insurance provides insurance coverage to the Tyler, TX community. We are committed to helping our clients find policies to protect themselves in the event of a disaster. We help our clients evaluate their options and find a policy that aligns with their individual needs. We proudly serve as an independent agency.

Important Auto Insurance Variables

Auto insurance protects you as you travel around Tyler, TX and the surrounding areas. You will be covered if you are involved in a collision with another vehicle or object. Liability coverage protects you if you are held responsible for the damages or another person’s injuries. You have the option to amend your policy to cover you if you need emergency roadside assistance. You can also add coverage to protect your vehicle if it’s vandalized or you are a victim of theft. Here is a look at some important auto insurance variables to consider while researching policies.

Driving Record

Having a safe driving record does impact your policy. However, if you have one minor violation, such as a parking ticket, you will not be negatively impacted as you search for coverage. One parking ticket does not automatically make you a terrible driver.

Vehicle Usage

Your policy may be impacted by the amount of driving that you do. Keep in mind that the more often that you are on the road, the more likely it is that you will be involved in an accident at some point. Also, if you use your vehicle for business-related endeavors sometimes, you have to add commercial coverage to protect you if an accident occurs.

Uninsured Coverage

Driving is extremely unpredictable. It’s hard to prepare for the conditions of the roads as well as the other drivers. Because accidents can happen at any time, consider adding insured motorist coverage. You will be protected if you are involved in a collision with someone who does not have coverage.

EasTex Insurance Will Help You Stay Safe On The Road

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How much life insurance is enough

Life insurance is one of those things that nobody talks about. You will not go to a party and gather with a group of friends and discuss your feelings about life insurance or how much life insurance is enough. It rates right up there with taxes and religion when it comes to things that nobody really wants to talk about. Considering how important it is to a total financial plan, that isn’t a good thing. You can talk to the team at EasTex Insurance in Tyler, TX. We have the experience to help you make good choices about how much life insurance is enough.

As you get older, the chances that life insurance will cost you more rise. Whole life is a type of life insurance that allows you to save and eventually borrow from your policy if you need to. Getting some whole life when you are young is a good idea. You can lock in the low rates for the rest of your life. Life insurance is to protect the ones you care about, but when you are young, you may not have anyone who depends on your income, and it is more of a case of using it as a way to save a little every year. 

When people depend on your income to maintain their lifestyle, no matter who it is, you may want to make sure they can maintain their current way of life if you are not there to support them. Whether it is aging parents or a spouse and children, life insurance helps make sure they are taken care of. How much you need depends on how much support you provide and how long that support needs to last. 

Contact us at EasTex Insurance in Tyler, TX to discuss how you can protect your loved ones and not be insurance poor.

Keeping your home safe over the holidays

This the season to be jolly, but it is also a time when you need to keep your home safe. Safety comes in different forms, and many things can go wrong at this most wonderful time of the year. Your home insurance is your safety net, but hopefully, if you take some precautions, you can avoid having to file a claim. At EasTex Insurance in Tyler, TX, we have 40 years of experience providing you the customer service and insurance products you deserve.

Check the batteries

When everyone is spending more time indoors at this time of the year, it is important to make sure you replace the batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Carbon monoxide is an odorless and colorless gas that can kill. More than 400 people die every year from carbon monoxide poisoning, and over 2000 are hospitalized. 

Keep your Christmas tree hydrated.

Christmas tree fires cause millions of dollars of damage every year and are responsible for deaths as well. It was a tree that didn’t get enough water to keep it from drying out in many cases. Never put a candle or other heat source near your Christmas tree. If you have pets or small children, anchor your tree for additional safety. 

Don’t leave lights on

When you go to bed, turn off the holiday lights or have them on a timer. Check all the cords, whether on the lights or extension cords, to ensure they are in good repair. 

Don’t announce your travel plans on social media.

Keep a low profile on social media during the holidays. If you are away for the day or several days, don’t talk about it before you go. You can share when you return. Thieves are always looking for an easy score. 

Contact EasTex Insurance in Tyler, TX for all your home insurance needs.

Is classic car insurance right for me?

If you are in the Tyler, TX area and have a passion for cars, there is a good chance that you would like to own a classic car. If you are looking to purchase a classic car here, you should spend time also thinking about your insurance needs. While getting a standard auto insurance policy may work in some situations, there are plenty of situations when getting a classic car insurance policy would be a good option. There are several reasons why getting classic car insurance could be a good option for you. 

You Want to Cover Full Value

One reason you will want to get a classic car insurance policy is that you want to cover the car’s value. A classic car is a unique type of car because it can appreciate in value greatly over time. Due to this, you will want to protect the true value of a car. When you get classic car insurance, you can negotiate the car’s replacement value with your insurance provider.

You Want Liability Insurance that Reflects Risk

It would help if you also considered getting a classic car insurance policy to get a liability policy that reflects your actual driving risk. If you are going to buy a classic car, there is a good chance that you will drive it infrequently. While you are required by law to have liability insurance, you can have a premium based on the amount you actually drive, with a classic car policy, which could reduce your costs.

As you are looking for classic car insurance in Tyler, TX, you should call EasTex Insurance. The team at EasTex Insurance can give you the guidance you need to pick a policy. This will ensure that you continue to receive the proper protection. 

Beginners Guide to Umbrella Insurance

When it comes to umbrella insurance, the best way to think of it as a safety blanket for your key assets like savings and investments. While every insurance policy from commercial to homeowners to auto will include liability coverage, there is always a maximum amount that the insurance company will stop paying at. Consequently, if you are sued or face damages over the maximum liability coverage on your specific insurance policy, then you are on the hook to pay the difference. 

As an example, let’s say that your teenage son – who is listed on your policy – gets into an auto accident that results in significant damage to both property and injuries to a third party over $200,000. If the property damage and bodily injury liability portions of your policy exhaust at $200,000, then the difference is your responsibility. Purchasing an umbrella policy means that you’ll have coverage above that amount to a specified limit. 

In addition to covering damages to your umbrella policy limit, it will also cover legal costs associated with any accidents. Keep in mind that umbrella insurance does not cover injuries or property damage to yourself or something that you own. In addition, unless you have a commercial umbrella policy, traditional coverage won’t include any businesses. Lastly, the vast majority of policies do not cover liability that originates because of a breach of contract like not paying a contractor for work that they’ve done that was within their scope of work. 

When it comes to finding the right umbrella insurance policy, it’s crucial to have a team of trusted professionals working on your side. For that, look no further than EasTex Insurance in Tyler, TX and give us a call to discuss your needs.